How to become part of the Local Life Community

Looking to join the movement of supporting independent businesses or are you a indy business owner? Then see how you can be part of the Local Life community.

Are you wondering how you can be part of the Local Life Community? Well, this is the place for you. If you passionate about supporting local businesses near you or you are a indy business owner wondering what you can get from Local Life, then carry on reading as we have all the answers! 

1. If you are a business owner – list your business with local life for free! 

This is the perfect time if you are an indy business owner to list your business with LL as we are currently offering a listing option for just £9.99. Wondering why you should list your business? That’s easy, you take care of your business and we will let customers know where to find you. We boost your local visibility, getting your business seen, we’re your foot traffic ally finding new customers for you and we are constantly innovating. 

So what are you waiting for list your business here

 2. How can users get the most out of Local Life? 

We want people to use us to find more amazing indy businesses near them. So if you are passionate about supporting local all you do is enter the location you are shopping in and indy businesses in that area will come up. You can also find their opening hours, a bit about the business, where it is and head to their socials for a good nosey.

Another feature great for exploring a whole town is our town guides. As we know not many people will travel to a town for just one thing. We want to change that and by creating town guides, it allows users to see what’s in the town so they can have a bite to eat, shop and enjoy a lovely coffee all from indy businesses. It gives people the chance to plan their day out so they can get the most out of every town they visit. 

3. Sign up to the local edit to get the most out of Local Life

Sign up to our newsletter to hear all about the latest and greatest things happening with Local Life. See new hidden gems as they are added, be the first to enter competitions, and find out which towns and cities are the most supportive of their local businesses. Sign up here to be added to our newsletter. 

4. Listening to the podcast.

Do you love hearing about people’s incredible indy businesses, are you a business owner needing advice or are you just nosey? Then It’s a Local Thing podcast is definitely for you. This podcast inspires change, explores how to make a positive impact in your local area and speaks with locals and business owners all about the power of local. We have had some amazing guests on the podcast so far including Laura Bartlett, Catherine Erdly, Jo Magiy and Paul & Lucy Hull and we have many more fun guests to come. Dive into the heart of local businesses and listen to the podcast here. 

5. Reviews

Reviews are so important for independent businesses, so when you visit one of our listings be sure to come back to Local Life and leave a review for that business. It’s so simple to do and can help a business be exposed to more potential customers. And if you are a business owner and your business listing gets a review on LL be sure to share it to your socials to let followers and new customers just how good you are! 

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