‘Tis The Season to Shop Local!

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Shop local and share the Joy this Christmas.

This year we are passionate about encouraging people to embrace the spirit of ‘Tis the season to shop local. Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve fashioned a locally sourced festive dinner showcasing easy ways to support indy businesses this holiday season. We were able to find so many incredible things local to us including decorations, food, alcohol, glassware, placemats, fresh flowers, and garlands.

Allow us to introduce the stars of our festive showcase, the incredible indy businesses

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It’s a way to show that people can easily support indy businesses around the festive period, even if it’s just getting a bauble for your tree, it all helps to keep local businesses thriving. You are likely to be shocked at how many things you can source locally for Christmas, we were even able to find placemats, glassware and Christmas crackers all from different indy shops.

Our festive table is a testament to the abundance of creativity and quality craftsmanship thriving in independent businesses. By choosing to decorate the space with locally sourced ornaments, we not only added a personal touch to our celebration but also contributed to the resilience of our community’s entrepreneurs.

Not to mention the incredible food, the star of every Christmas dinner. Again this is a really easy way to support butchers, delis, bakers etc. Our turkey was from a local butcher, graze board from an independent caterer and we even had some festive cupcakes… and they were all so delicious!

Christmas is the season of giving and a great time to make a positive impact with every choice we make. Whether it’s a singular bauble for your tree or an entire Christmas feast sourced locally, each contribution means the world to independent businesses. This Christmas, let’s toast to the spirit of community and the joy of supporting our local indy businesses.

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