Episode 2: Laura Bartlett

episode 2: laura bartlett
Welcome to episode 2 of It's A Local Thing. Join us as we speak with Laura Bartlett on what it took to build a successful luxury travel empire.

The newest episode of It’s A Local Thing is now live!

Welcome to Episode 2, join us as we speak with the amazing Laura Bartlett. You’d be forgiven for thinking that leading a luxury travel empire is all about private planes and infinity pools with great views – but in this episode, Laura Bartlett explains what it actually took to build her successful business. 

Laura talks about getting started, coming back from bankruptcy, public humiliation on national TV, and how she kept things running whilst coping with loss. 

So sit tight for 30 minutes of high-energy highs and lows from a business powerhouse!

It’s time to embrace the power of local.

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