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If you do one thing today, use your pounds for positive change and look local #LocalLifeOnline

International. Universal. Global… it all sounds so exciting, so endless! In contrast, ‘local’ … sounds somewhat, uninteresting! What does it mean to you? Perhaps places you’ve been to a thousand times? Familiar faces and friendly small talk that when you’re in a hurry you wish wasn’t a thing, great but slow service, offline…

Give us a second of your time and let us realign this for you, because Local, …it’s about the hidden gems you didn’t know existed but that have sat just two streets away for years! It’s your best friend’s sister’s grooming salon that you didn’t know did dog yoga! It’s the sandwich shop you stop by most days and the woman you call when you need a plumber to fix your boiler on the brink.

It’s about handing one of the 5.5 million (you read that right!) independent, small businesses a much-needed megaphone and a 10-foot-tall platform from which to shout about all the amazing things they do every day, right there on your doorstep! It’s about creating something that gives back to you! Where your hard-earned cash stays close by in your area and quite possibly comes back to you in some way or another. So, there’s more to it you see and trust us, you’re going to want to know about it because local, if you hadn’t already heard, it’s the future and the future is almost here.

So, what else? Well, though individually those 5.5 million small businesses may be just that, small, they actually make up over 99% of total businesses in the UK and generate a whopping 50% of all private sector turnover in the UK! Not so small after all eh!

Unfortunately, with the rise in tech and innovation, convenience culture is taking over – we’re living in times where we can, and do, order everything from car parts and canoes to food and flowers online with same-day delivery! Those with a great service but without a tech team or deep pockets hardly stand a chance, and that’s worrying for a variety of reasons, fewer jobs near to where you live and less investment in infrastructure for starters! Times are changing and Local Life is here to bridge the gap between small businesses and consumer cravings for convenience.

If you do one thing today, use your pounds for positive change and look local #LocalLifeOnline

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