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You might have seen us making a big entrance recently, and we are super happy to have been received so well by everyone! It’s so good to see so many like-minded people coming together to support each other. With so many people wanting to make a difference and to have an impact on their environment, community, and high street, we wanted to make a blog for all the people who don’t yet know about who we are, what we do, or how to join us!

Local Life is many things to many people, but let’s jump straight in and look at our core service. Yes we are a platform for the people, we support local and we want to create thriving local economies, but at our heart we are the local places platform! We list local businesses and give them a platform that fills digital consumer’s need for convenience. We live in a rapidly changing modern society, where consumers have become accustomed to convenience, same day delivery, and fluid next generation web design. Local Life wants every independent business to be able to access this level of digital service, with minimal digital knowledge and minimum effort.

By using our local places platform, we have made it super easy for the nation’s independent businesses to access an online presence that is fit for modern digital consumers. Signing up to Local Life gives independent businesses like yours a dedicated online space to stylishly showcase what you do, sell, or offer. Local Life takes care of the marketing, just create a listing, and enjoy being promoted online to the digital generation in your local area.

The platform has so many features like e-commerce (your very own digital shop and even better…. we’re the only platform to take zero commission!), the ability to easily offer discounts, create vouchers, and even understand and track your customers. You can even see who shops with you the most, where they are from and what their favourite products are.

Signing up and getting set up is ridiculously simple, simply click here

  • Answer a few quick questions
  • Add a picture (this could be a logo)
  • Answer a few essential details

… and voila! You have your own website that’s fit for the Instagram generation with the techy stuff sorted! It’s an incredibly simple way for independent businesses like yours to compete with the digital giants and get on with doing what you do best.

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