Staffordshire Day 2024

staffordshire day 2024
Staffordshire Day 2024 is fast approaching so join us as we look back on all of the Staffordshire towns we have visited and what makes them so special.

Hey there, fellow Staffordshire enthusiasts! As we gear up for Staffordshire Day on May 1st, 2024, it’s time to get excited about all the awesome stuff this county has to offer.

Staffordshire Day is not just about history books, it is all about celebrating the beautiful, historic, and welcoming county.

“Staffordshire Day is the day we celebrate everything we love about Staffordshire.

Every year on May 1st, Staffordshire comes alive with events of all shapes and sizes across the county, and loads of competitions and special offers from our great attractions, restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Whether you love our captivating countryside, our thrilling theme parks or our eye-opening history and heritage, there will be something for you on Staffordshire Day!

It is a very special day for us. May 1st is the anniversary of our most famous son, Josiah Wedgwood, setting up his pottery company in 1759 and helping to transform Staffordshire into the centre of the world’s ceramics industry.

Now that is something worth shouting about!” 

From the official Enjoy Staffordshire page

We have had some great fun exploring different towns in Staffordshire including Stone, Leek and Eccleshall.

Let’s take a tour of some of the Staffordshire towns we have visited:


This was the first town guide we ever did! Stone is a popular canal town with some lovely independent shops including, gift shops, beauty salons, florists, a candle shop, clothing boutiques, cafes and of course plenty of restaurants. The high street has a nice vibe and there are often markets on a weekend. The business owners here are a close community that all support each other, which we love!


Much bigger than Stone, Leek is a popular market town which is actually known for its indoor and outdoor markets. I had a great day there, with loads of independent businesses to support and great places to eat too! Whilst I was there, some shop owners expressed their concern with the low footfall the businesses are experiencing. One, in particular, spoke about how they were considering shutting the business on certain days in the week as they are getting no customers, resulting in it actually costing them more to open on those days. This was such a shame to hear their concerns and worries, but their resilience is a reminder to shop local and to support these small businesses so they can continue to stay open and thrive.


A small but proud and thriving community, with some cute independent shops, restaurants and cafes. With Eccleshall being a very small town, especially in comparison to Leek, their community feel and joy to support each other really shines throughout the town. I really enjoyed exploring this cute village and the indy shops they do have are worth a visit, especially the café and bakery Flour and Co which was a stand-out favourite of mine!

So, as Staffordshire Day is fast approaching, why not join in the celebrations? Whether you live in Staffordshire or not, you can join in and celebrate the stunning county. We definitely can’t wait to explore more of Staffordshire and celebrate the great towns and businesses within this special county!

Check out the We Are Staffordshire website here to see what events are coming up to celebrate Staffordshire Day over the next few weeks. 

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