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Join me on my town-hopping adventures with Local Life! From the small canal town Stone, to the hidden gems of Macclesfield, I share my experiences and highlight the unique charm of each town. Plus, some insight into the challenges indie businesses face and why supporting them is so important. Let's go explore!

One of the best things about my travels across Staffordshire and Cheshire was getting the chance to visit the stores that Local Life lists, first hand.


Meeting the lovely owners of these businesses and hearing about their experiences was a real highlight for me. It was great to see how passionate they were about their products and services and how they all continue to work hard to adapt to the challenges of running an independent business.


What struck me most during my visits was how unique each town was. For example, in Stone, a small canal town in Staffordshire, all the businesses had a strong presence on social media, which was impressive, considering the size of the town. However, on my visit to Macclesfield, many businesses said they weren’t as active on social media and didn’t yet have a strong presence.


It is nice to experience the different towns and see the similarities and differences they share. Unfortunately, one concern that the businesses owners all share is the lack of support from the government for independent businesses. These small businesses play a significant role in our local communities and deserve to be given the resources and support they need to enable them to grow.


What was clear to me during my visits was that all these businesses were doing their best to survive and thrive. Each town had its unique character and charm, which made them all the more special to visit.


Local Life is passionate about supporting the independent businesses on our high streets, as they are the backbone of our local communities.


To read the town guides produced from the visits click here.

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