It’s a Local Thing Podcast – Now live!

This is the podcast that challenges the status quo and inspires change.

Our intro sounds epic, right? But as worthy as the initial intention behind launching ‘It’s a Local Thing’ was… thankfully it also evolved into being just candid conversations with people of purpose! Which we’re happy about because let’s face it, nobody wants to be lectured to!

Podcast host, Laura Bosworth sets the scene as a self-confessed shopaholic and coffee addict and talks to a range of guests to explore the changing landscape of real life! The podcast guides listeners through navigating our not-so-new world, where the community is no longer limited to local, yet we feel disconnected.

Some of our guests:

Episode 1: For the Love of the North Lucy & Paul Hull

Episode 2: Laura Bartlett

Episode 3: Jo Magiy

Episode 4: Catherine Erdly

With many more exciting guests to come…

So, whilst we tackle topics that highlight why, and importantly how people should shop and live more locally (be that local to where they live, local to where they’re visiting, or local within the UK vs overseas), you’ll also hear cackling laughter and a few seconds of total incomprehensive gibberish as Laura and guest’s ramble over each other.

Discover how to make a positive impact on your local area and be part of the change toward creating thriving high streets and happy communities through interviews with locals and local business owners.

It’s time to embrace the power of local.

Listen to It’s a Local Thing here.

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