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Local life
Local, independent businesses have struggled to compete in our world of digital convenience and the UK now isn’t just ready to support local, it's desperate to support local!

This is an exciting moment for us and an exciting moment for all our members! Today is the day we get to say “hello world” with a big cheesy grin and tell everyone all the exciting things they can expect from us. We all know our nation’s high streets are struggling, which means our local towns are struggling and that means the local economies are struggling. That’s exactly why we set out to create Local Life – we wanted to breathe life back into UK high streets, towns, and local economies! We have traveled a long road to explore what local residents, small businesses and the nation needs in order to thrive again. And whilst we all love the ease and convenience of using a global, digital shop, these digital giants have eroded our high streets and our local economies. Small local shops now struggle to compete in our world of digital convenience. That’s exactly why we created Local Life – it’s a digital lifeline that puts independent businesses on an even platform with global digital shops.

With support from small businesses, Local Life has been built from the ground up to let all of our incredible independent businesses be seen digitally, not only online but importantly – in their local area!

At Local Life, we want to bring foot traffic to all our independent businesses using market-leading digital marketing. More footfall into independent businesses means more money in our local economies, which means more money for local people, like you! It’s a really simple premise, but if local shops can’t be seen online then they lose sales to digital competitors. That’s why signing up to be a member of Local Life is so important, it gets you, and your business seen.

Now is a pivotal time for the nation, collectively we have watched as our high streets have faded from their former glory, and we have seen national institutions and household names disappear, forever confined to the history books. Yet right at this moment the nation is poised and ready to do something about it, the voice to take back our high streets and develop our local economies has grown from a whisper to a loud unanimous chant heard across the country.

The UK isn’t just ready to support local, it’s desperate to support local! When we support local, we support local families, we reduce the environmental impact and we build local economies! That’s exactly why this is such an exciting moment for us and our members! This is the moment we get to make an impact and start bringing about the changes we all want to see in our society.

So… how exactly are we hoping to be one of the catalysts for this social and economic change? That’s simple, in an ‘always online’ world, we give our members the tools they need to succeed online. We have created a feature-rich platform that’s so simple to use, that even the most technology adverse users can join and thrive online! Think:

  •      Beautiful landing pages
  •      Customer tracking
  •      Demographic mapping
  •      Easy to offer discounts
  •      Loyalty discounts, and so much more!

Local Life as you view it today is our phase 1 release, which means you can get started building your local empire and enjoy so many of our features already! When phase 2 is released to the public in the coming months members will have access to intuitive e-commerce plus a few extra surprises!

Whilst the initial launch is focused on Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Greater Manchester, you can join from anywhere in the world meaning if you want to be a Local Life member –there’s absolutely nothing stopping you!

So how can you support your local area? That’s simple too – head here and find your nearest local legends! Can’t find your local indie? Tag them on Local Life socials or send them this link to give them a nudge!

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